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business outline for small business

Our Business Outline is a bite size, easy to use version of  a business plan designed to be a stepping stone towards your complete business plan.

We’re not looking for a polished version, that’s why you’ll be assigned a business adviser to help you with it. But we do need to know what you’re thinking so we can help you do it.

Download, complete and email it to

start up small business

A business plan can sound like a daunting piece of document, but it doesn’t have to be. It really is just your vision for your small business on paper. What’s more, when you really buckle down and start working on it, you’ll find it not only will inspire you, but you may even enjoy doing it (shocking we know!)
Read some tips on writing a business plan.

Complete as much of the template as you can and email it to


cash flow forecast template

It is not as difficult as it might sound! The clue is in the title – cash flow forecast is all about looking ahead and trying to work out the flow of cash in and out of your business over a period of time (usually 12 months).

Why is it important? It helps you identify how much cash you will need to start the business, and  when cash flow problems may occur in the future.


This one is really simple – Personal Survival Budget is just an overview of your typical personal monthly income and expenditure.

It helps you work out how much money you need to survive (ie pay rent/mortgage and bills, buy food, etc), and also how much money you might need to draw from your business to cover your basic living expenses.

If you wish to apply for a Start Up Loan, we need to receive a completed Self-Declaration Form before we can book you an appointment with one of our business advisers.

Please read the form carefully and complete ALL fields. If a question is not relevant to you, please mark as ‘n/a’, but do not leave blank. Please ensure you sign the form (electronic signatures are not acceptable), and then send us all pages of the document (either scan and email to Caroline at , or post).


We’ve put together some handy websites that will help your with you business research and demystify some of that business jargon…

Space to Rent

Are you looking for a dynamic environment and want to surround yourself with an inspiring community of like-minded entrepreneurs?
Our workspaces are affordable, newly refurbished, with desks, offices, meeting rooms and free, fast WiFi, and free events and workshops.
Co-working and offices are available, with membership starting at just £99 per month!


London Small Business Centre Workspace locations:

Chrisp Street Exchange, Tower Hamlets
Dek Catford, Lewisham
Dek Ladywell, Lewisham
DeK Catford
Get in touch for availability and further information on: E: / T: 020 7377 8821
Universal House / 88 – 94 Wentworth Street / London / E1 7SA
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